38TH Judicial District Attorney's Office

Daniel J. Kindred

District Attorney


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Click on the name to contact by email or call the office numbers listed below.
District Attorney Daniel J. Kindred
Assistant District Attorney Julie Solis
Assistant District Attorney Jeff Diles
Assistant District Attorney Christina Busbee
Border Crimes Prosecutor
Assistant District Attorney  Kanon Lillemon
VAWA Prosecutor
Criminal Investigations 
Chief Investigator Wayne Springer
Investigator  Debra Lankford
Investigator  Ron McCabe
VAWA Investigator
BPU Investigator  Shayne Gilland
Border Crimes Investigator
Crime Victim Services
Crime Victim Coordinator: Dalia Arteaga 
For General Office Questions 
Medina County Office
3102 Avenue G Hondo, Texas 78861
Phone: 830.741.6187   Fax: 830.741.6033
Office Manager: Vicki Springer
Administrative Assistant: Jo Ulbrich
Administrative Assistant: Mary Jane Hobbs
 Administrative Assistant: Cindy Everett
Real County Office
Leakey, Texas 
Phone: 830.232.4614 Fax: 830.232.4615
This is not a full time staffed office
Uvalde County Office
100 N. Getty Street #15
Uvalde, Texas 78801
Phone:  830.278.2916   Fax: 830.278.4731
Administrative Assistant: Lydia Martinez
Administrative Assistant: Dominique Garza




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