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Press Release



I was sworn into Office as District Attorney for the 38TH Judicial District in January 2009.  I wanted to take a few moments and let you know what your District Attorney’s Office has accomplished. 

 In January of 2009, the office had no assistants and one investigator to serve all three counties in the 38TH  Judicial District, not to mention a very large backlog of cases.  The two staffed offices in Medina and Uvalde Counties were very deficient in technology resulting in serious problems in the management and tracking of a great volume of both indicted and unindicted case files. 

 Thanks to the diligent efforts of a dedicated staff, both offices are now equipped with state of the art computer systems along with an overall modernization of the entire District Attorney’s Office.  For the first time, we now have a satellite office in Real County.  I have also been able to add three additional criminal investigators and four assistant district attorneys to the office.  The majority of these additions was made possible through state and federal grants, and did not require funding from taxpayers in the 38TH District. These additions have allowed the creation of a special prosecution team exclusively dedicated to prosecuting felony domestic violence cases. 

 My office is also part of the Border Prosecution Unit (BPU); which was created and funded by the Governor’s Office to combat crime along the Texas border.  I have served as a member of the BPU executive board since the BPU was established.  As a member of the BPU I have a prosecutor and an investigator dedicated to combating border crime here in the district. 

 These improvements in the office structure and organization have produced measurable results;  Unless a case will be set for trial we can now usually have it resolved in less than one year.  This is pretty fast for felony criminal case in a jurisdiction the size of the 38TH

            My office is continually sponsoring and providing training for all of our law enforcement officers.  By utilizing my staff in conjunction with state and federal grants I provide training to law enforcement officers, advocates and citizen awareness classes.  This training was provided at no cost to local taxpayers or the officers who attended the training.   For training please email my Chief Investigator at wayne.springer@38thda.org

 Thank you for visiting us at www.38thda.org Please do not hesitate to call the office if you have any concerns or questions. (830)741-6187

 In your service,

Danny J. Kindred





PRESS RELEASE: Medina County, Hondo, Texas: June 29, 2016

While attending training during The American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children Colloquium in New Orleans, Louisiana last week.  38TH Judicial District Attorney’s Office Chief Investigator Wayne Springer won a Comfort Frog (over a three hundred dollar value) given away by Wes Burns with Commercial Electronics Corporation out of San Antonio that had a vender’s booth set up.  The Comfort Frog’s quest is to comfort children/adults in a time of crisis. The uses for Comfort Frog are limitless.  It can be used in psychological counseling services, court settings, any place where there is stress and children involved.  Comfort Frog can be used in a clinical setting when the patient is being examined for abuse.  The frog can sit on the exam table or in a chair where the patient is wrapped in the arms and leg to provide a sense of security and distraction during the interview or exam.  For more information regarding the frog go to www.comfortfrog.com.   The District Attorney, Danny Kindred believes in keeping abreast of the most current and up to date training available to make his staff capable of providing the best up to date service for the communities he serves.  Chief Springer is used as an expert in child abuse cases and this training is just one of several attended by the District Attorney’s Office staff annually.  Danny and Wayne decided to donate the frog to the Bluebonnet Children’s Advocacy Center and felt the Comfort Frog would best be utilized by the children during the many forensic interviews and the counseling sessions provided at the center.  


Pictured above on the left is Wes Burns of the Commercial Electronics Corporation awarding the prize to Wayne at the conference.  Pictured on the right is Ed Gentry the Executive Director at Bluebonnet Children’s Center, District Attorney Daniel Kindred, Chief Investigator Wayne Springer, and Forensic Interviewer Mandi Morales.





Latin Kings gang members arrested; 19 from Uvalde County
38TH Judicial District Attorney Danny Kindred (3rd from right) stands with other law enforcement officials and agencies during the United States Attorney Richard L. Durbin Jr.'s announcement of the indictments of the Latin Kings gang members.

PRESS RELEASE: October 19, 2015

 On October 14, 2015, 43 members of the Latin Kings Gang were arrested in Uvalde County, Austin, San Antonio and Houston.  These arrests stem from 28 state indictments of 19 individuals from Uvalde County and Racketeering and Conspiracy federal indictments from the U.S Western District, Del Rio Division involving 33 individuals.  These indictments are the result of a complex and lengthy investigation of the Latin Kings Gang.  This investigation, although, initiated in Uvalde County, involved targets in the San Antonio, Austin and Houston area.  

 In 2011, the 38th District Attorney’s office, along with the Uvalde Police Department and the US Homeland Security Investigations began a lengthy and complex investigation with a focus on the Latin Kings Gang in Uvalde County.   The Latin Kings Gang has been elevated over the years to a Tier I Gang Threat according to the Texas Department of Public Safety Gang Assessment.  Law enforcement agencies along with the 38th District Attorney’s Office recognized the Latin Kings as a growing and serious problem within our community.   

 This investigation has been a collaborative effort utilizing the expertise and resources of different law enforcement agencies to target the criminal activity of the Latin Kings, specifically, the selling and distribution of narcotics, weapons, extortion, aggravated assaults and organized criminal activity.  The Latin Kings exist solely to facilitate and commit these violent crimes in Uvalde County. 

 It is a priority of the 38th Judicial District Attorney’s office through its Border Prosecution Unit to identify and combat violent crime from the southern border of the Unites States, and right here in our border region of Texas. 

 For additional information, call Daniel J. Kindred, 38th Judicial District Attorney at 830-741-6187.









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