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Daniel Kindred has made training a priority in his office.  All Investigators and most of the prosecutors are  TCOLE Certified Instructors, and are involved with all training sponsored by the 38TH Judicial District Attorney's Office.
If you or your agency would like to request a course
e-mail Chief Investigator Wayne Springer


The 38TH Judicial District Attorney's Office will be instructing FREE classes 
and hosting specialty training classes throughout the District.
Please visit the Training Schedule below for upcoming classes.

To register for a class click on the course title and submit an email with name, agency and TCOLE PID number.
You must be a Texas Peace Officer to Attend any Courses Offered on This Page!
Non-Law Enforcement may attend certain classes with prior approval.
  Send a message to Chief Investigator Wayne Springer for prior approval
Courses are listed by Dates.

FREE DWI Training

Effective Courtroom Testimony

for police and prosecutors

Texas District and County Attorneys Association (TDCAA) Statewide DWI Training

in cooperation with the Texas Department of Transportation

We are proud to offer 6 hours of TCOLE and CLE credit for peace officers and prosecutors to attend this free, high-quality training. Every defense lawyer who advises clients to refuse a breath test admits that officers are arresting for DWI only people that are intoxicated—yet DWI cases are very hard to win in front of juries. One reason is that prosecutors and officers are not conveying to jurors what the officer actually saw at the scene and knows from his training and experience. This course is dedicated to ethically and professionally presenting officer testimony in DWI cases. Well-crafted reports, effective direct examinations, clear demonstrations, and honest responses to less-than-honest defense tactics on cross will all be discussed, modeled, and practiced.

 ***PLEASE NOTE: It is recommended that all attendees view two videos, Basic Courtroom Testimony and Intermediate Courtroom Testimony, at www.tdcaa.com/dwi before attending this program.***


Friday, January 20, 2017


Ballroom of the Uvalde County Fairplex, 215 Veterans Ln., in Uvalde

Registration for this seminar is available only online at www.tdcaa.com/training. Because

space may be limited and walk-ins may not be admitted, please register online promptly.

8:15 a.m. Registration

8:40 a.m. The Role of Prosecutors and Police Witnesses in DWI Trials

9:40 a.m. Break

9:50 a.m. Effective Report Writing and Trial Preparation

10:50 a.m. Break

11:00 a.m. Presenting Cases to Prosecutors and 10 Simple Rules of Direct

Noon Lunch (on your own)

1:15 p.m. 10 Simple Rules of Cross-Examination

2:05 p.m. Break

2:15 p.m. Beating the Defense: Direct Examinations that Minimize Cross

3:15 p.m. Break

3:25 p.m. Fair Answers to Unfair Questions

4:15 p.m. Adjourn

In addition to this excellent free training, every attendee will receive two TDCAA publications:

Richard Alpert’s DWI Investigation & Prosecution and Diane Beckham’s Traffic Stops. These

books give attendees resources in many areas not covered by this seminar.




A rise in child deaths related to child abuse and neglect has been recognized in Texas.  In addition, there have also been significant changes among Texas laws, technology, and investigative techniques regarding child abuse and neglect.  Officers are in need of adequate, affordable, and up-to-date training on how to better respond to and investigate child abuse and neglect.  This course offers the most up-to-date training for Texas officers to handle such crimes more effectively while ensuring full victim restoration through the use of multidisciplinary teams. 

 Advanced Child Abuse Investigation is designed to improve law enforcement’s response to child abuse and neglect, particularly child sexual abuse and exploitation cases, by administering a comprehensive and free training.   The training combines an overview of how to effectively respond to abuse with instruction on the benefits of a multidisciplinary team approach.  The Child Abuse & Neglect Training Program for Law Enforcement is funded by a grant from the Children’s Justice Act of Texas.  This program is administered by the Texas Municipal Police Association (TMPA) with input from a statewide curriculum committee comprised of representatives from law enforcement, child protective services, children’s advocacy centers, and victim services.

 The program consists of a comprehensive curriculum covering crucial aspects related to law enforcement’s response to child abuse, neglect, and exploitation. The program will utilize a network of certified instructors to deliver training on a local basis, thus enabling more officers to take part in this very important training. 

The Advanced Child Abuse Investigation training is coming to your area and is FREE for all Texas Peace Officers to attend!  This training provides an overview on how to effectively respond to crimes against children with instruction on the benefits of using a multidisciplinary team approach. 

 The 3-day/24-hour training is now being offered as three stand-alone 1-day/8-hour Modules.  This module system was designed to make the training more accessible to officers in rural areas of Texas who may have difficulty taking time off to attend the original 3-day/24-hour training. Officers who successfully complete the module trainings can receive anywhere from 8 to 24 hours of TCOLE credit, depending on the number of modules they attend.  The modules are independent so officers may attend as many as they wish. 



ACA Module 1 - Laws and Dynamics (TCOLE Course #53265)

      Laws Regarding Child Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation

      Statutes of Limitation Chart

      Characteristics of Victims and Perpetrators

      Supplemental Documents:

§  Appendix A:  Texas Penal Code

§  Appendix B:  Texas Code of Criminal Procedure

§  Appendix C:  Texas Family Code



ACA Module 2 - Interviewing and Interrogating Techniques (TCOLE Course #53266)

      Interviewing and Interrogating Techniques

      Investigative Techniques



ACA Module 3 - Special Topics and Resources (TCOLE Course #53267)

      Special Topic A. Children with Disabilities

      Special Topic B. Domestic Minor Trafficking

      Multidisciplinary Teams

      Victim and Law Enforcement Resources


Officers attending and successfully completing each module of the Advanced Child Abuse Investigations will receive 8 hours TCOLE credit per class.  This class does not satisfy the TCLEOSE Course # 2105, Intermediate Child Abuse. 


To register for an Advanced Child Abuse Investigations class, please follow the link below



Module 1 (Event #3092):    http://www.acatraining.org/events/event_detail.aspx?id=3092



Module 2 (Event #3093):    http://www.acatraining.org/events/event_detail.aspx?id=3093



Module 3 (Event #3094):    http://www.acatraining.org/events/event_detail.aspx?id=3094


Once you are on the webpage, click on ‘Register”  Fill out the online form.  If you have further questions, call toll free at (800) 848-2088.    In the event that this specific course does not fit your schedule, the Child Abuse & Neglect Training Program will be offering the Advanced Child Abuse Investigation training at various locations in Texas at different times.  Please check the website, which is updated daily, for upcoming courses in your area. 

 We hope you take advantage of this opportunity!
 Join us in the quest to better protect and serve our children!



8:00 am to 5:00 pm



This course is free!
Instructor Wayne Springer
Chief Investigator 38TH Judicial District Attorney's Office

Sexual Assault Family Violence Investigations Course
TCOLE Course # 3264
24 Hours

The Sexual Assault and Family Violence Investigator’s Course – or SAFVIC (TCOLE Course 3264) is designed to provide law enforcement officers around the state with the tools they need to effectively investigate and prevent sexual assault and family violence.   

The SAFVIC consists of a comprehensive curriculum covering crucial aspects related to law enforcement’s response to these crimes, as well as the creation and use of community-based resources to assist law enforcement’s efforts. 

 Officers attending and successfully completing the SAFVIC will receive 24 hours TCOLE credit.  The course is designed to satisfy the legislatively mandated course of Special Investigative Topics (3232) and successful students will be eligible for a TCOLE proficiency certificate for Special Investigator.








This course is free!
Instructor Wayne Springer
Chief Investigator 38TH Judicial District Attorney's Office


Cellebrite 5 Day Mobile Device Examiner Course

Level – Intermediate to Advanced
Course Length – 5 Day
Delivery Mode – Instructor Led Training

The Cellebrite Certified Mobile Examiners Course is designed for the intermediate and advanced investigator / digital forensic examiner. This 5 day course combines the curriculum from the Cellebrite Certified Logical Operator (CCLO) and the Cellebrite Certified Physical Analyst (CCPA) Courses providing the participant with an intense exposure to Cellebrite UFED, Physical Analyzer Software and all of the core competencies associated with examination of mobile devices using Cellebrite’s Tools and methodology.  During the course two optional written exams and two optional practical skill challenges are administered and students may earn the Cellebrite Certified Logical Operator Certificate (CCLO) and the Cellebrite Certified Physical Analyst (CCPA).

Dates are undetermined at this time.
Most Likely 8:00am to 5:00pm
This course will be held in Hondo, Texas
Instruction will be from certified Cellebrite Instructors.
This Course will not be free!
Cost per student will be around $3,850.00
Please send me an email if you are interested at wayne.springer@38thda.org


Crime Scene Investigations
TCOLE Course Number 2100
16 hours 
The Crime Scene Investigation Course is designed to provide additional information on this subject area.  It is not meant to override department policy and current laws.
Dates are undetermined at this time.
8:00am to 5:00pm
This course will be held in Hondo, Texas
This course is free!
Instructor Wayne Springer
Chief Investigator 38TH Judicial District Attorney's Office

These classes are offered online to law enforcement, they are not in anyway connected to this office.
Bexar County Sheriff's Office Training Academy
SWTJC Middle Rio Grande Law Enforcement Academy


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