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Hondo, Medina County Office

Job Description

Position Title:      Administrative Assistant

 Annual Salary:    $22,000.00


Performs administrative and office support on multiple levels for the District Attorney’s Office. Duties include general clerical, receptionist, project based work, and attending court in proper court attire when required.  Place of will primarily be Hondo.


Must be able to type a minimum of 35 WPM, computer literate, proficient in Word, Excel and Outlook, bi-lingual, have good phone etiquette, must be good with the public, be able to project and carry oneself in a professional manner in-person and through telephone interaction, must be self-motivated, and disciplined.  Travel within the 38th Judicial District is required; applicant must possess a valid Texas Driver’s License and have no moving traffic violations for the preceding three years. Applicant must be able to pass a criminal history check.

 Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

 Share/Rotate responsibility of answer phones.

- Assist caller with request when applicable.

- Take Messages, and distribute the message via email to the appropriate personnel.

- When transferring a call to a Prosecutor you must inquire on what case the caller is calling on.

 File Scanning of newly received cases

- Scan and merge pre-indictment cases into NAS creating new file.

- Create manila file folder, and label the file according to instructions.

- Place file with appropriate admin personnel for logging in case log.

 Monthly Calendars

- Will be responsible for retrieving information from the Judges Calendar and posting

   information on the wall calendars each month and checking weekly for updates or any  


- Distribute that same information via Microsoft Outlook Calendar to all departmental


 Bench Warrants (all 3 counties)

- Review each Counties Monthly Docket for Bench warrant requests.

- Locate and confirm inmate’s current location and availability upon date needed.

- Complete the required paperwork, and distribute to appropriate parties.

Court Preparation-(Real County Files)

- After receiving the Monthly Docket from the court coordinator, check off, and assemble each case file

  alphabetically in court buckets for all three counties.

 Attend Court Proceedings

- Rotate responsibilities of taking notes on court docket and assisting with plea/court paperwork.  As well 

  as any other clerical court function.

- Scan and merge Court Docket into existing NAS file.

 Newly Indicted Cases-(Real County Files)

- Scan and merge Indictment into existing NAS file.

- Move file from the Pre-Indictment folder to the Un-adjudicated Pending Folder.

- Make appropriate color office file for cases.

- Make file labels for each file.

- Make and Place Plea Packet in each file.

- Make Discovery package for each file, place in file for court.

- Make Probation packet for each file, place in file for court.

- Place file in designated area until court.

 Pen Packs

- Process all forms required to complete Pen Packs.

- Compile documents from agencies required to complete Pen Pack.

- Record in manual Log Pen Packs presented to Judge for signature and filing when completed.

- Record in Excel Fees Report.

- Place File Stamped copy of each in case file upon receipt from District Clerks office.

- Update case status in the Case log in the departmental computer.

- Process dismissals as a result of Pen Pack Pleas, CJIS, and update Case Log in departmental


- After you receive file stamped copy from District Clerk Scan completed file into the Uvalde

  Nas under Closed.

 Seizure Cases-(all 3 counties)

- eFile petition with the District Clerk.

- Disseminate the subpoenas to the constable for service.

- Scan and merge file into NAS after cause number is assigned.

- Track, Manage time allotted for answers and filings for court settings etc.

- Place file in designated area until court.

 **These duties are subject to change at any time due to office restructuring.

Applications can be picked up at the Uvalde County Treasurers office or downloaded from the Uvalde County Website.


Please mail or email a Resume, the Background Authorization Form and completed Application Part 1 & 2 to:

38th Judicial District Attorney –Attn: Vicki Springer

3102 Avenue G

Hondo, Texas 78861





Our mission is to provide a safe community where citizens can live, work and raise their families without fear of crime.


The 38TH Judicial District serves Medina, Real and Uvalde Counties.  The District Attorney's Office is responsible for prosecuting all adult felonies in the 38TH Judicial District. 


This office will treat all members of the community with dignity and fairness.


Protecting the Community
The District Attorney’s Office is committed to protecting our community by working closely with citizens and members of law enforcement.

All employees are dedicated to providing the highest level of service to the community.


Helping Victims
The District Attorney’s Office is committed to provide or arrange for services to meet the material, emotional and informational needs of victims and witnesses, thereby allowing for faster and more complete recovery from the effects of crime.

The programs, initiatives listed are staffed by specially trained District Attorney Employees.

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