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Victim Services

The primary focus is alleviating the plight of victims, especially as they encounter the criminal justice system.  Victims play a critical role in that system.  The Texas Constitution and statutes give victims rights that must be respected and upheld.

As the Crime Victim's Coordinator, I would like to express the willingness of our office to assist all victim's of crime with any issues that may arise from a pending criminal case.  We are readily available to assist victims during their involvement with the criminal justice system.    Our office also provides the following services:


  • General information about the criminal justice system and court accompaniment;

  • Notification of the status of your case in the court system;

  • Referral to social service agencies;

  • Aid in preparing an application through the Crime Victim Compensation fund;

  • Aid in completing the Victim Information Sheet and Victim Impact Statement; and

  • Aid in returning property involved in a criminal case.

Melissa Rodriguez
Victim Assistance Coordinator

830-278-2916 Ext. 685

Nora Lopez
Victim Assistance Coordinator

830-278-2916 Ext. 586

TX Crime Victims' Rights Brochure.JPG

Click image above to view Texas Crime Victims' Rights Brochure.

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